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How to choose good quality of crystal film for sequins?

There are some different quality of crystal film on the market. Some reflected red , some reflected green etc while they are all called crystal film, but the best quality material is pure crystal color only and without single other colors, only this kind of material can make the best sequins.

2022 11-03
How to guarantee resin drill good quality and environmental requirement?

Resin drill is a relatively mature product, its good cost performance enables it to be recognized and accepted by the market for a long time. Because of rat race in the market, all kinds of very cheap products appear on the market, while the materials usually used unsaturated resins, second-hand res

2022 10-21
How to solve glitter application for liquid circumstance?

In the beginning, the glitter product was developed primarily for use as a decorative surface for festival crafts. Over time the product became more and more popular with other industries. Such as house decoration sealant, wall paint and body paint and nail polish. All of these require contact with

2022 10-21

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